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 Ventilation Health & Safety Services For Local Authorities

HML have decades of experience working with local authorities to ensure ventilation systems in their buildings comply with the latest Health & Safety and Fire Regulations

We work closely with property service managers to promote a full understanding of what is required and offer a comprehensive range of services

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Local Authority Ductwork Cleaning

Local Authority Ventilation Cleaning Specialists - Education - Leisure - Social Services

Hygienic Maintenance Ltd (HML) will work closely with Property Services Managers and individual site personnel to develop a suitable programme of `Planned Inspections`, `Risk Assessments` and `Remedial Works` to ensure all premises comply fully with Health & Safety and Fire Regulations in respect of ventilation systems


With devolved budgets and different funding priorities, sometimes schools and other education buildings can prove a challenge when it comes to arranging risk assessments or cleaning of ductwork and ventilation systems.  Mainly we are concerned with kitchen / cooking extracts and the fire hazard these  ventilation systems represent.  It is vital they comply with the 2006 Fire Regulations and are regularly inspected.Arms Reach Cleaning

As this photograph shows, very often only the canopy and an `arms reach` of ductwork is cleaned which can have dangerous consequences if grease is allowed to build up further down the ductwork.  We will be pleased to talk to individual schools or carry out scheduled inspections or cleaning on systems within an entire county or town.

Leisure - Including Swimming Pool Ventilation Cleaning

Buildings dedicated to leisure pursuits will often have ventilation, air conditioning and cooking extract systems.  Kitchen extracts should be regularly inspected and cleaned to prevent the build-up of grease and the subsequent risk of fire.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems will also need to be regularly inspected and cleaned to prevent visitors from being exposed to a contaminated air supply.  Often ductwork in swimming pool areas can suffer additional problems due to the corrosive nature of the air

Social Services

We provide specialist help for social services with cooking extract or laundry systems and the fire risk therein.  In addition, larger social service buildings may have other ventilation or air conditioning systems which should be inspected on a regular basis.

Hygienic Maintenance Ltd have a wealth of experience of dealing with difficult circumstances and larger contracts so please contact us so we can discuss your precise requirements.

  • Risk assessment and condition surveys
  • Deep cleaning of ventilation ductwork  and plant
  • Programmed monitoring and management