Kitchen Extract Cleaning


 Catering and Hotel Ventilation System Cleaning and Maintenance

HML will undertake one-off kitchen extract cleans or develop a national programme to ensure our hotel and catering clients comply with current Health, Safety and Fire recommendations

All work will be carried out in an efficient, clean and cost-effective way with the minimum disruption to normal operations

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Hotel and Catering Ductwork Cleaning

Catering and Hotel Ventilation Cleaning Services

Whether you are responsible for a small private restaurant or a national chain, Hygienic Maintenance Ltd can provide the specialist services you require to comply with current  Health & Safety and Fire Regulations.

  • Risk assessments of the air duct or air conditioning systems in your catering or hotel business
  • Deep cleaning of canopy, ductwork and fans in your hotel or catering business
  • Programmed monitoring and certification for your ventilation systems

Build-up of fatty deposits in cooking extract ductwork present a real danger of combustion and without regular and thorough inspections/cleaning by a competent person, should a fire occur , your insurance company may not accept any claim and criminal proceedings may follow.

We often find people assume the system is cleaned during the kitchen cleaning process, but in most cases only an `arms length` of ductwork is cleaned leaving the rest of the system in a potentially dangerous condition.

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Suggested Frequency of Cleaning for Hotel and Catering Ductwork

The exact frequency for the specialist cleaning of the ductwork will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment.  Suggested typical cleaning intervals are as follows:

Frequency of Hotel Ductwork Cleaning
Level of Usage Hours Per Day Frequency for Ductwork Cleaning
Low 2 - 6 Annually
Medium 6 - 12 Every 6 Months
High 12 - 24 Every 3 Months