Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Extract Cleaning Services for the Food Manufacturing Industry

HML have considerable experience in ductwork cleaning in the food preparation and manufacturing industry

All site staff are conversant with the exacting ductwork hygiene standards demanded by the industry 

System specific services to suit all processes and requirements 

Food Manufacturing Ductwork Cleaning

Food Manufacturing Industry Ventilation Services

For obvious reasons the food manufacturing industry requires extremely high levels of ductwork hygiene, not only from the ventilation system itself but also from any operations undertaken to carry out deep cleaning of the ductwork, diffusers and air handling plant.

Hygienic Maintenance Ltd will ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are maintained during any procedure.  Each project will be evaluated and the process agreed with our client before our site/system specific method statement is produced.

All affected areas will be protected before cleaning starts and any equipment used will be treated before it is used in the food production area.  Full COSHH data will be provided as required.  Also all operatives will wear the appropriate protective clothing and head wear.

Programmed Maintenance for Ductwork in the Food Industry

Many of our clients have systems that require regular cleaning to prevent micro-organisms developing which could cause contamination problems.  This may be the cleaning and replacement of `diffuser socks` or entire system cleans followed by biocidal fogging.

We will be pleased to visit your facility and discuss specific requirements with a view to developing an appropriate programme of inspections, sample analysis and deep cleaning, so please contact us.

  • Ductwork risk assessment and condition surveys
  • Ductwork deep cleaning
  • Programmed monitoring and management
  • Air sock cleaning