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HML can provide a unique cleaning services for specialist projects

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Unusual Cleaning Requirements

HML have a vast experience of providing solutions to more unusual cleaning requirements:

Potentially Explosive Material  ie Powders, Sugars etc.

A site with an extract system was overloaded with sugar waste.  We were dealing with extract ducts twenty inches in diameter and running for some 100 metres. The main concern here was the risk of explosion and so special anti-static and non sparking electrical equipment was used.

Radiation Contaminated Dusts

An empty factory which had a huge amount of fine dust, which in many areas was contaminated with radiation. Our brief was to clean the whole of the factory putting the waste into special drums and being monitored by a radiation specialist at all times.

Potentially Explosive Material

The emptying, cleaning, cutting up and removal of a large double skinned fuel tank situated in the basement of an office building in London.

The obvious risk was of a fire and explosion and of heavy fuel smells throughout the building. We were able to contain the smell, empty the tank, and clean the inside to a degree that we were able to hot cut the tank covering all of the Health & Safety requirements.