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Smoke Damage Clean Up | Fire Damage Cleaning

  • HML specialise in smoke damage clean ups across the UK
  • Residential and commercial fire damage clean up operations undertaken

Smoke and Fire Damage Cleaning

HML has a vast experience of cleaning up after fire or smoke damage has occured in a home, office or manufacturing building.  Our expertise and background is in specialist cleaning including ducting systems and we can help restore your buildings.

Speed after a fire can be very important.  HML understand this and offer a swift nationwide service when it comes to fire damaged property. 

When dealing with smoke and fire damage, HML use a range of specialist tools and chemicals to quickly establish your property.  We have treated many different types of fires and can help draw up a cleaning strategy based on the fire type and any residues left.  This may include cleaning up after dry smoke, wet smoke, extinguisher residues or other compunds. 

HML will organise for an experienced operative to examine your needs and identify health and safety issues.  They will identify any clean up issues that are not neccessarily obvious to the naked eye.  They will then draw up a full plan to help clean the fire damage / smoke damage up.

Cleaning up after a fire can be a specialist job and attempting to do it yourself may make the issue worse and could be unsafe. If you have had fire or smoke damage, contact HML now for help in cleaning.