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Contaminated Ductwork Causes Fire


Contaminated Ductwork Causes Fire

An American fabric company suffered a serious fire in their air conditioning system caused by a build-up of debris and the flow of hot air.

Ed Alexander Fabrics based in Burlington, USA, suffered the serious incident following a build-up of debris in ductwork systems.

Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours of the night before bringing it under control in the early hours.   No-one was killed or injured in the incident which highlights just how important it is to maintain and monitor duct systems to ensure dangerous levels of contaminants do not build up.

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at 04:47 on 24th Jan 2011, handyman wrote:

This happens all too often.  Many people never give much thought about their ductwork until it's too late.  This is sad but should serve as a warning to all that read this story.

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