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Swine Flu Spread in Ventilation Systems


Swine Flu Spreads in Ventilation Systems

As the H1N1 flu virus spreads across the UK , HML warns that ventilation systems can be a major cause of the spread of the highly infectious H1N1 disease.

Air conditioning and extraction systems if unclean can help spread droplets infected with flu virus.  As schools, hospitals, clinics and other public buildings prepare for flu spread this winter, it is essential that their ventilation systems are maintained and managed to limit the spread of the disease within a building.  This may include the upgrading, cleaning or replacement of filters, fans and other air duct components.

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at 16:27 on 15th Feb 2010, Raleigh Heating Contractor wrote:

That is why is it so important to keep up the maintenance of your HVAC units. They will help keep your air quality at its highest potential.

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